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Customer Testimonials






20hr candle

Missouri Bear

Joe K.

“My grandson was unable to do homework due to his ADHD. Since burning the candle’s he has been able to focus, do his homework and take a nap. He was never capable to do this with the medications that the doctors had him on." Sylvia H. – Benson, AZ.

“After burning the candles for a few days my mood swings have become less dramatic and I sleep better.” Trisha B. – Tucson, AZ.

“Removed my dog’s tumor from her cheek after 2 weeks of burning this candle!” Joe G. – Tucson, AZ.

"These candle's WORK!" Cary O. – Benson, AZ.

"It's going on 2 weeks now with the CBD candles and everyone notices the difference in my son's attitude.

I strive to control his ADHD/ODD without prescribed medication and this addition has helped!

He's more pleasant to be around,  he sleeps better  and he doesn't argue as much as before. I have relief from the anxiety he caused when out in public due to his defiance. He looks better,  has a better appetite  and accepts parental authority better. I can't express how much this has helped!

Thank you!!" Vanessa C. – Athens, TN

"I bought the candles because my son was having trouble at school and at home, after taking the candles home and not telling any of my 6 children what the candles were about, my wife came to me a couple of days after we started burning them and said I just can’t believe how the kids have calmed down and are no longer fighting." Victor M. – Tucson, AZ.

"Our dog has always been terrified of thunder and lightening. Since purchasing the CBD candle from Xanadu Spa on Grant Rd. in Tucson, AZ she is a different dog. We've had a thunder shirt for her but it really didn't quell her fears. The CBD candle really helps with her anxiety. We start it about an hour before we expect the storm and let it permeate the air. It has really helped our dog." Lucy S. – Tucson, AZ.

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