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Joseph Ketterer

Joseph Ketterer (Owner) and Mr. Bentley (Service animal)

20hr CBD candle

Candle With The Cure is owned and operated by US Navy Veteran Joseph “Joe” Ketterer. Through a series of rich life experiences, Joe was compelled to bring forward, to others, the opportunity for healing. He accomplishes this with his ever-growing product line. Joe is also tuned-in to feedback from clients and seeks to continually improve their experience.

Joe has a strong understanding of plants after being exposed to gardening, and a family hydroponics business for many years. Throughout his life, including during his years of service in the U.S. Navy, Joe witnessed a wide range of human conditions. Illness, acts of violence, and other forms of suffering caught his attention. Further encapsulating his calling was the loss of his father to ALS, and watching his daughter successfully recover from scoliosis surgery. Joe knew he wanted to help the planet heal and recognized he could BE THE CHANGE.

Candle With The Cure was launched in 2016 and intends to continue operating until there is no further suffering. Joe Ketterer offers blessings of peace and wellness to all.

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