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Why do you use CBD?

Happy Friday! I ask this question to allow those who use CBD, as I do, to have a space to share and give Hope to all those unfamiliar with the benefits of a healthy maintained level of Cannabinoids in a regular routine.

I have been regularly using my daily regimen of CBD for a few years now. Since 2012 I have seen a remarkable improvement in my overall physical and mental improvement with the incorporation of Cannabis.

The neuroprotective value received from the CBD coming in contact with my skin nerve endings. Specifically CB1 and CB2 endings. After time my sleeping has been healthier, ability to be active and interact in stressful situations are more Peaceful and Healthy for myself and those around me. My eating patterns have stabilized due to my body weight finding equilibrium.

I find such Peace in my day by comparison to the Panic State of the World around me. I currently find our surroundings Hopeful.

In my experience the darkest is just before the Dawn. It was Love that had the power to Bless me with the Mercy to want the Healing my body was seeking. I don't notice the movement of the CBD. It is just what the body does when it is available to metabolize.

I am most grateful to be of service and Pray you are Happy, Healthy and Whole on this 10th day of September 🙏❤

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